Your Personal & Home Services

We offer a variety of personal and home services to consumers including beauty treatments, haircuts, deep cleaning, plumbing, laundry, carpentry, delivery and appliance repairs. Check out these categories to book;

  • Cleaning
  • Beauty & Grooming
  • Spa & Massage
  • Repairs
  • Party Planning
  • Handyman Services
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Our Purpose for the Gig Economy.

Gig jobs are the future of work. We believe anyone can convert their potential and make a job of it. At LetaWera we exist to enable people transform their passions to a service and to use our innovations to connect customers. We exist to;

  • Employ
  • Linking gig workers to customers
  • Digitize
  • How gig providers offer services
  • Create Convinience
  • For people to easily find help with personal and home services. Discover our Impact Story
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